Max's Stuff


This is my “now page” as of late 2022. If you want to know “what I’m up to these days” then you’re at the right place.


I’m currently working as a software developer doing research and development kinds of stuff at a company called Rockwell Automation near Cleveland, OH, USA. To jog your memory, it’s the same place where I interned at in college and also the same place where my dad works. I probably can’t talk too much about it but I get to spend all day working with the Rust programming language and some interesting network protocols which is fun. The job seems pretty stable which I’m thankful for because many other tech jobs don’t seem to be right now!


I’m still living back home with my parents out in the suburbs between Akron and Cleveland, but I plan on moving out sometime in 2023 to somewhere in Cleveland. I haven’t really decided on what kind of living situation I want yet but I’ve picked out some neighborhoods that seem nice. City life sounds interesting!

I have a tendency to float between personal projects without ever seeing them to completion but the main one I’ve been working on (besides this site) is a bot to help me automate options trading. I’m writing the code for it in Rust because I want to make use of the language’s efficiency and safety, although it probably would’ve been easier to use almost anything else. My only saving grace is that I’ve been working with it for long enough that I’m pretty fluent in it!

What about you?

What are you up to these days? Even if we haven’t talked in a while I’d still love to hear from you! My contact info is at the bottom of the home page. :)